Thursday, September 17, 2009


In a not so empty house I recline
Void but for the lounging old dog
Faithful and alive
Inactive but for the thousand-year memories
And the taken task of sifting through the remnants of a family...
... my family...
... that was once so full and thriving and underappreciated and... well, here
But now so desperately longed for
Quiet but for the fathoms-deep conversations I take part in
With the inner most parts of me
Empty but for myself

At these solemn times of the most vulgar realizations of the things I had once and the space that replaced them
Yael's voice echoes and presses me gently, however forcefully, to tears
I open my mouth to sing a different verse
But I involuntarily clammer myself up
Cold hand pressed desperately into cold hand
Curled body to hard floor
For tonight I must give up the battle
And agree with the sole voice passively guarding my thoughts
That I am so lonely
So unashamedly, frighteningly, and irrevocably

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