Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Love was once the subject cause of the solemn demeanor before you
A terrifying knowledge of the sense of tumultuous storms at the point and break
Had once held me prisoner
You, misunderstanding the misuse of every
Dripping, phonetic, wondrous, dedicated word
That I aim ceaselessly in your direction
You would have me explain things in a more rational voice
I would have you jump off the bridge of romantic logic
And for that, I may be misunderstood
However, that said, I will continue to push the boundaries
Of what can and should and will be called love
As you have pushed my once terribly, tragically linear existence
Into an unexpected plunge into a sharp, cool sea of undeniable purpose in life
Debtor, be kind
Murderer, slay me gently
I want to watch my life being undone before my eyes

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