Sunday, January 3, 2010


Through my particular view from the top of this particular building, the world seemed rather unsettling today; a little too complex, you know? I suppose that's just how it is when you reach a climax in your life. Shape up or ship out. Keep up or get left behind. Grow up or... well, I'm sure that you know the alternative, or that you can wager a guess.
Such was the temperament of the day and the atmosphere of this particular location, at least to me.
The odd thing in all is, of course, being that it felt right. This entire scenario just seemed completely mapped out... predestined by something or someone far wiser than I; possibly something a little more sadistic, as well; but wiser, nonetheless.
So, if this situation was entirely a product of fate and the combined workings of the universe, predetermined, or at least know in advance by the gods or whatever other intangible factors were directing this scene... why didn't I know what was happening next? Why couldn't I remember my line?

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