Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fallacy: A Lazy Man's Defense

It seems an undue punishment
That, possibly, in reality I did deserve
For misgivings and mistreatments imposed on those who stopped here before you
But, to be truthful, as this supposed complication undulates
It is simpler than you and I originally thought
When humans who are nothing more than humans
Discontinue an irrational belief in fates and curses
They are faced with their own decisions, faults, and barriers
Now, all decisions are acts of will
And can be altered
Faults are merely obstacles that can be overcome
And every barrier, with equally applied force and determination
Can be broken, does not hold us to any such pattern we have victimized ourselves with
Oh, why you don't look harder, I'll never understand
Why you still believe instead of manifest, I'll never know
That fact remains, and it is a blatant one
That this is not the way things are
This is only the way that you have let them become
'Doomed' is a fallacy you have lazily burdened yourself with
The way that you are, a lie with which you have cushioned your inability to try
The notion that you feel you do not excel with you and I
Is not your incapacity to love, but your unwillingness to try
A harsh reality that I have come to realize
And altered myself over time
Once you truly understand that life, that love, are difficult
It is only a new striving that could be attained
In all my admiration of you, I see this one flaw
Something not concrete unless you choose, again, to cement it as a part of you
That you are so willing to give it up
And pass this off as something unchangeable in you
Is unfathomably sad, and a path to certain failure
There is more to you than this, I'm certain of it
And with time, you will come to fully grasp this
That doom is a silly and childish thought and the only belief worth having is in yourself
And your ability to have, be, and do anything you have a passion for
And your will to make anything, even love, work well

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