Saturday, July 11, 2009

If I Were That Man

She looks to me and sighs
Before she sings
She says, "You're about to hear it all... all of my honesty."
She sings a lonely song
And I can't imagine
The calm on her face could ever hide the pain in these lines
"When I know that I am here for nothing
I will know that I've truly found home
And he loves me, yes, but in his own way
I know the truth inside, but sometimes it feels as though it's gone."
I can't help but to glance at the curve of her back
And long to make a tension released there
I wonder how he loves and what keeps it so far
That she can feel the way she does now
She says, "I have been bruised
I have been cheated
Being kept at a distance is better than hurting."
But what if I could be that same man for you
With a different complexion and a haven for you
If you would stay here with me
Only a few hours
Not forget, but set aside what you know to be appropriate
You would see everything that I have tried to tell you
And the choice would still be yours
Because if I were that man, I would love you
Not only in my own way, but in the way you deserve
And you would not have to doubt
That I am here, the I am true
That I care nothing for the world, but to make it a good home for you
The tiny lines on your hands
The curve of your fingers
And ever blossomed freckle on the skin of your face
These things are beyond what they seem
You are a creature your own
Something I would desire, but something I would never know
I care for the days between here
And when your heart stops it beating
To make them exactly what you thought they would be
I care for the way that you walk
That you do not stumble
Or take paths marked by promises that will never be kept
Because if I were that man, I would closer to me
And not high with comparison
I would give my own heart
To have a creature such as you
Wander onto my grounds and find shelter in my home
If I were that man
I would have thought so much more
Not only of you
But of how I could make the moment better
I would climb out to the farthest branch
And risk what I know
Just to hear you sing something
In a happier note
When I am that man
I will love you
You will not sing to yourself
Because you won't be alone

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