Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ah, To Be Different... Like Them...

My tongue must have tripped slightly in my nervous state
When I requested changes brought about within myself that only outside forces could shape and being
Between Illumination and Lunacy some small syllable was sadly lost on its way
Between my lips and their ears
And the outcome of my fervent pleas remains a great let down
You'd think that for all their omniscience they could have read a feeble mind
You'd think that for all their concern they'd have repeated it back to me
But now, uncorrected, the course has been set into unalterable motion
And for all foolish struggle, I can't seem to salmon up through these pounding waves
Or maybe this just happens to everyone at some point in their lives
Possibly multiple episodes of this same exact questioning arises
Who would have thought that your problems are not your own
That this isn't unique
That the same fears have crossed all different thoughts
All these years
Yet, for the similarities between in flesh and in blood and in mediocricy
The element that blends is the driving force to envision ourselves set aside from the shapeless sea of bipedals
Something astoundingly new
But the name that they gave you is... You
A jumpstart of the heart to the willing
And no one with equal time to talk when searching an engagement
But, too many creatures the same when all goal is to be strange
I am the intentional difference!
Hear me(!)... blend into the everyday mumble of this perfect, running engine...

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