Sunday, July 12, 2009

That I Do

This must be love
That is to say, what is left when the romance is over
When the effort is on but one
When you feel it and I live it
For the most part I have learned that this is you
And not to ever take it personally
But, at times, I can't help but think
Maybe if I were not the person in the place that I find myself
Would things plateau the remarkably quick way that they have
At least in my eyes...
What do I do in this position?
How do I tell you
That I love you and that I just want that returned
Where do I leave this?
How long do I keep this in me
Before you or I decide that this is going nowhere
Do I know in what way I could have stopped it?
And what could I have done?
That I just love you... that was supposed to be enough
When that someone on the other side of me
Turns to realize that silohuette has replaced me
How long before he realizes
That what was good for only him
Was what I tried to live up to
How many times has he watched my fight my own words
Without ever even knowing that I really had something to say each time
How many forgotten words will he suddenly remember
Only to say them when I am too far to hear
What will he do when I let him know
That all I really ever cared about was to know that I was something
He cared about
What will he think when he knows of all the times I exhibited a stronger self control
When all I wanted to do was leave the logic
And love him unconditionally
And I do
Though I am learning
That I do...
What does he do in this position?
Does he speak with everything that is inside of him?
Does he tell me that my patience has been all at once rewarded
Does he love me? Does he thank me for my time?
Where does he leave this
Or does he leave it at all?
Does he connect that way I've hoped for all this long...
Does he know in what way he could have shown me this?
And does he know what on earth he could do?
Does he just love me?
If so... that will always be enough
And without limit I love him
Regardless of his blindness
Whether self-induced or out of his hands
When you read this will you realize
That the good in me is for you
And that I cannot wait a second if I had to
Just to see your face
That I imagine you with me, sometimes
That I have someone to be grateful to for more than he knows
And that he is you
That I love you
That I am here

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