Saturday, July 25, 2009

Unlike the Apple (For P.J.B.)

I have learned in my young age
I am learning as I write all of this to you
That certain questions are better unasked
And there are things that should never be said
Or have been said
I am patience at its peaking stamina
I am silence and the chosen study
Of diverting all attention from my face
Gradual as it is
I am told by some that the worth lies only a while ahead
I am told by some, by other somes
That this all wonderful as just a story
But the life I could be living has been buried by my striving for
What this could be
What might be waiting to reward me
What better of a life spent than never knowing
If you really return my love
Ignorance is calm
And happiness
And the feeling of only my own breath
Though, sometimes I'll admit
To make it easy
I pretend that it's only me and not halves parted over miles
And I do have my fears
Although to be fair to the audience I've claimed
I stifle them
A lack of courage never made for an interesting account of events
Like a fruit, I may very well bruise
And you may very well have been bruised
But unlike the apple
We have the choice and mechanics to heal
Like a child, I may very well be hurt
And you may very well have been hurt
But you are an adult now, with a mindset to put it all behind
If that is what you...
Well, for now, that is only what I wish
Respectfully, I decline to be a reason for you to hold to that past any longer
As I am witnessing
You are growing up so fast, my love
Growing closer to the sun
And the dawning of who you truly are
Your world revolves so fast
Your swift seasons change the taste of you
And I am cowardly and courageous all at once
Curious all the same
And getting used to things that way...

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