Sunday, June 7, 2009

All the Same (P.J.B.)

There is nothing quite like the feeling
Of the realization that one is once and always
So totally alone
The fear and the freedom that come with it are equally as strong
Forgotten, avoided, abandoned, ignored
I know not which category I fall into
For that matter... if any at all
But I do wonder at times, why
If I am always a thought on your mind
Simple gestures toward me do not seem to cross it
My love
Ah, my love
All of it, you know you had
And still do at the slightest of efforts
And at a moment's notice
But if you have no use for it
If you do not want it
Or if there is simply no room for it now
Well, then that is a new reality that I, alone, must face
Once again, I, alone, must face
I continue to live my life
Not as though I had never known you
But I continue to apply the changes you have inspired in me
Where to realize the aspirations that I had a potential for
The courage was lacking
That extra push that I needed to see and attain these things
You supplied
And I continue to love you
As though you were here, beside me
I continue to bless you
Because you are the dearest of friends
And if this love is a love that you can be better by
If you will that this is a love to grow stronger
Well, I would do no good to myself by waiting or expecting on your word
But know, while I am living, I am thinking of you
And when that word decides to come
Oh, if that word decides to come
At whatever hour it might be
I will be elated to receive it and respond
All the same

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