Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goodbye to Belief

There is something so extraordinarily unsettling in knowing that you could have said something when you didn't.
There is something so unequivocally sad in the pursuit of a real freedom.
There is a pain in the realization of a truth you have been trying to bury.
Suffocation occurs most by attempt to fill void souls with cotton like beliefs and words.
I am taking your name from the docket.
I am suffering myself no more.
I am severing the one steel silk thread that connected your problem to mine,
Which in all of its strength, really wasn't that difficult to do.
I am okay in recline, and I know this well.
You, at times, say that you're fighting, but for what?
I am the only decay to myself and I know this without having to research the medical terms.
Honestly, this isn't helping matters much.
I don't feel as though I should speak today.
I go on stealing my vices and I certainly pay the price on the dime.
Stop believing in predestination and judges... and suddenly the sky seems so much bigger...
Suddenly the world is filled with so much wonder...
Suddenly you realize that you alone fight or embrace this.
Because you are alone.

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