Monday, June 1, 2009

Self Imposed Evils

It could have been so unfortunate
And it very probably was, or was not
But for all your vexatious efforts
You cannot remember a single thing
Whether the night was light or dark
You will never recall
Above knowing what really happened
Your cause for caterwaul
Is the squandering of that inestimable thing; precious awareness
And the repetition of unscrupulous acts under the shadow that only you have cast upon yourself
And the repetition of a day to day, unchanging sequence; revolution, destruction, defeat
And the repetition you appear to both resign yourself and blind yourself to
And the repetition...
Well, it continues on
Much as an unconquerable weed
Interloper on your, once, somewhat peaceful landscape
Marring the very ground that once held you so firmly up and erect
And for miles upon miles
You see nothing but the transformation
Of a beautiful home into a desolate wasteland
And all because you, yourself, passed by
Without uprooting this unholy blemish
Stupidly neglecting it for sheer harmlessness in size, or so you chose to believe at the time
And, in the absence of a fight, it grew
Or, perhaps, became the many
Until the problem, nourished on the generous donation of neglect
Had become too great a structure to move alone
Or had suffocated you in an overbearing crowd of its clones
Such a horrible way to die
Knowing that you could have prevented it
Misplace the soul... and the mind and body are sure to follow readily after
This if going to take more strength than you first anticipated
Are you ready to begin?

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