Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lost Love: Thoughts From Another to Me. (For P.J.B.)

Who's got you, Dear?
What's holding you back?
When you know, Dear
We'll launch a full attack
Because nothing can withstand us
When you and I both coincide
Whatever it is, Dear
It's not stronger than you and I

Who's got you, Dear?
What's taken your love?
Careless demons
You've given your time to taking care of
Though, for now, you can't give a name to them
They are taking the light from the smile
That was my sunshine
And I need that warmth again

Who's got you, Dear?
What's taken your smile?
When you find it
We'll bring it backover mountains and miles
I would love to see it
Because it feels like it's been seven years
But I have patience
And I'll be waiting with you here

Who's got you, Dear?
What's keeping you down?
If you're lost, Dear
At least you still know where I can be found
If the climb is too much for your legs
I will be there to take your turn
And carry you with me
Until we see you again

Who loves you, Dear?
Who's pushing you on?
Lift your head, Dear
And you'll see someone who wants to see you strong
Whatever it is, Dear
You are still who I want in my life
And this sadness will pass, Dear
You'll be back to us in no time

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