Sunday, June 21, 2009


Ah, and here...

Here is to the tumultuous waves of great disappointment

And the happiness in between

To the thrilling, sickening throwing of the world at ourselves, and ourselves at the world

And to the feeling of ricochet

To the memory of the collision

Here is to remembering
By God, remembering anything at all

Here is to the thorn and the honey

To the rusted sweetness of those who pursue it

Here is to the music that medicates all ills

Whether to the better or to the worse

Here is to the lonely state of things

For, in fact, only then are you really free

Here is to realizing that truth is difficult

That hope is commendable

That worry is abhorred

That both are useless and void

Here is to nonexistent time

Nonexistent future

Nonexistent past

To the understanding that the one is beyond reach

That the other is selective

It never really happened the way that you remember it

Here is to patience

The birth child of hope

To the idea of someday

That someday you will see me as a necessity to your life

As a key addition to your already complete existence

As a desire to your side

Here is to the unmentionable

Which we will not mention here

And to the different meanings that it will take on

Ear to ear

Here is to death

To the years upon years that I will not be

In contrast to the short time in which I am

To that education only do I owe my present vision

Here, they say

Take it
If you please, or don't
Take what has been given

And endless portion of whatever confronts you

And do with it

What you will

Do with it

Anything and all

For, ignored

It will remain


And the constant turns of supposed waste

Will flourish your garden

To blooms you had never known

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