Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Am Meant to Write

Until the dictionary fails me
Until the thesaurus is abused
Until the languages are learned
Until synonym, antonym, syllable, and spelling are all but barren beyond fruition of thought
Until the words can take on no new meaning
And I am forced to fabricate my own
Even then, I will pen on
Combination after combination of definition and pronunciation
And imagery and subtle magic
It thoroughly amazes me
The endless conglomeration of dictations
The pungent potpourri of variable expressions and interpretations
This is a true passion
And undying dedication
To the succulent appeal of the formations that make an experience upon undulation
Every lovely blossom as innocent in view
As sensual on the tongue
As liberating to the voice
As melodic to the ear
I enfold myself in the ever cool and calm pages before me
Anticipatory of a rousing discovery
Some new formula of correspondence with the outer world
I place my constant reliance on the belief in interpreted understanding
As little as I know of this world and this life
I am beholden to the donor of such a gracious gift
To convey what I know and know not
To communicate the growth and learning that will most assuredly come
I am awed and inspired
To know a codependent love such as this
Thought, page, and pen
And a healthy abundance of all
I am capable, willing, and elated to pursue
And will continue to long after I cease
And my returns are a happy and gratified many

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