Tuesday, May 26, 2009

148 (The Thing I Love)

I ask you softly
Respect the fear that came with it
Not the 'us,' but the hurt
The hurt in advance or in progress
The 148 steps to the jump we would both wake willing to take
It was up to the landing, where each of us would stand on this
It was up to our will whether the distance between our positions would be too much ground to recover
Or too many briars in the wood to risk
And it strikes me as odd, you
Being the country where you were raised seems to have more to do with this than you dare to admit
Shame on me for being the eager one
Shame on me for walking more than half the distance
To concede to what you should have been earning
The time alone afforded the moments I needed to consecrate a belief in myself
And myself by itself
Mind above heart
Heart above hand
Hand, vile betrayer of the mind's intentions and the heart's naive eyes and anticipating beats
Cut off or rise above?
Purposefully jump or run with the stampede in the other direction
When the change pf atmosphere predicts an earth shaking so uncontrollably faltering to my own shelf
I could take the quake down
I could take the shock of the tumble
I could take the objects greeting me harshly all the journey down
Offering things like blood, broken bones, and permanent marks that will each hold their own story
As long as the long, painful drop completes some sort of equal return
That makes itself of a soft arm cradle
A comforting kiss waiting patiently to meet this head
To make it better
To make it all better
It would all be worth it
Undoubtedly worth it
More so if it were because of you

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