Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My faulty beauty
Is no match for you
Your face, your body, your love
I'm content to stay in my day
Though I know you feel more
Or know I want to feel more
And see you again
I would love to be sure
To forget the strange
The things that divide us into
Half unhappy creatures
Who smile at those who hold the blade with one hand
The extra hand that kills
The smoke I breathe
Maybe now, you understand more
Sharing the light with you was just fear
But sharing the dark, that meant the most to me
I will tell you now, not to recall
And not to repeat
But I do sometimes wait for you
And good or no good
I stay for this
I care for you
Though I've fought it, always I do
Not forgetting is the key to place my mind
The length between goodnight
And I will see you again
Waiting is the dream
That doesn't align with fate
But I still do
I am content to know you care
If only 9 hours and 30 minutes of the year

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