Tuesday, May 26, 2009


A handshake turns tables
Turns into identifiable trouble
If I can stay afloat
If I can keep my head above the below
Watery suffocating grave of an emotional downfall
If my legs and arms are strong enough
If I can shoulder only my own name
The weight of a nothing sort of wish and an uncertain though
And a, "Please, don't fuck this up."
Could make an anchor of empty bones
And a heart, light, filled up of nothing
Kept out on a sleeve
For no protection and all the world to see
A chilled heart and a warm arm
Is the bargain I dealt myself
Was that what they all meant?
When they said go for your pleasure
When they said be careful if you want to drink and walk
If you want to fall and drive
Nothing inhibits over a drink like the awkward warmth you most certainly gave
I don't know who you are, brother
And I'm afraid to find out
I don't have any grounds to express myself
Nor would I know how
Because the gender scaled thought process makes your thoughts
Equal not to my purposes
You think what you will
I'll have my quiet say about it
And accept the repercussions

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