Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quiet As A Mouse

There were moments when
I knew you were my love
But knowledge lacking truth
Is simply not enough
The road began to fork
The way you went was yours
My cries had given out
You left me quiet as a mouse
You left me quite alone

I thought you would come home
And come home, well, you did
To a burning plot
Where a good house once did sit
And I don't know you, now
I'm scared you might get bored
I'm quiet as a mouse
You'd run to another lady's house
That hasn't yet burned down

I killed the little girl
I never got to know
But she's still here with me
And everywhere I go
And when she breathed her last
She screamed aloud
"I'm scared... It's quite as a mouse.
My time is quickly running out.
I haven't seen the world."

Can a woman learn
The lesson from the sin

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