Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hello, Mouse

Hello, Mouse
I see you clearly
In my own reflection
Picking up what others have put down
Out of absolute despise
Out of a facade, a guise
I see you long for the limbs to put around him
As I did, and won't again
I watch you run at any frightening noise
And put forth all four by choice
And stumble gracefully past the lamplight
In the dark
And in your home far from
The snickering humans above
The talk of the day has become
What has become of you
In so many ways I feel
The quiet you breathe, the air
The shallow gasps of the scared
Are only to be admired
I miss you with a love
I scurry above
And think of my future as you are
All of panic and no plans
Hideaway places look tempting
Crumbs do look appetizing
When you have no room to bite
I've a mouthful of words to say
But no voice to scream them
No face to smile with
No room to run in this corner
Nowhere to turn
And who are our enemies?
Would you educate me, please?
On the way of the timid
And on a life of fear
I am sad
I am not myself
I am more you than me
And I envy your body
The quick, stifled noises you keep
The small room you sheltered away
The tiny eyes on your face
Do look much like mine
I will dart across
Just as you
Dance the floor
Just as you
Keep all of this to myself
I sing in my sleep, to you
And I do imagine you
As a beautiful girl, drying sea salt from her cheeks
Repetition holds our world
No matter the size of your feet
Your circles stay the same in size
No matter how moving makes your heart beat
The puddle I looked over
Matched your expression so clear
Made me believe who I was
Made me embrace the fear
You want me to overcome
You want me to rummage the pieces
And I have no will, no time
No adhesive in my pouch
You ask me to forgive
I ask you to give back the cause
Listen to my dropping heart
And enjoy the crumbs I sought
I knew you were hungry, but did not intend on donating my world to you
I'm a faucet of tears today
I am looking at my own face
While you hear what the soulless world says
And turn the other way...

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