Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Riding in Circles

I guess they too often leave without saying goodbye
All a likeness
A moving, functioning organism
That doesn't consider me the same
That is taken by force
That fights to return
That apologizes profusely
And attempts again
And again
And again
Oh, try for me!
Stay in this life for me!
Fence yourself in on this side for me...
Nomad of a soul
Something, please, remain concrete!
Some thought, please, direct me!
Some locksmith, please, release me!
Let me roam
And show me the ropes
At the chance it may happen again
And at the certainty that it never will
I've never been well on the whole
With being alone
Be discreet with me
Be kind to me
Hold me up on your shoulders to see
What the tops of these mountains are like
May they be roadblocks no more
And may this new path lead me to reason
And not to the same bloody fairground again
You now what they say
About amusement rides
They are all round
And circles can move
Only one way
Be the bicycle
Not the Carousel horse
This time...

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