Tuesday, May 26, 2009

To Be Fooled (In the Worst Way)

I remember seeing you outside
When the sun hung high
I caught my first full eye of you
That's when I knew
It would come undone in the worst way
To be fooled by the one you love
Isn't that enough?
But that's not all you had in store for us...
Yet I return
And you still turn my black and white gray....
If you could understand what I understand
Would you still choose not to be my man?
Did you know?
Was it all your plan?
Crying at your gentle, murderous hand...
I remember talking bees that night
Buzzing in my ear, "Girl, you know this isn't right..."
Ah, but something in your eyes
Made me deaf, dumb, and easily fooled
They've always said I was a smart girl
Such a brilliant child, I know
But good judgement has taken the backseat for this ride
And my heart has forgotten these dangerous roads
You tried to get it past me, but I saw that itch
Then tonight I come home to you on the phone with some other...
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, you...
You had me running
Had me losing my head over nothing
But nothing was good enough
It's never good enough
Apparently one woman isn't good enough
But thank you dearly, love
You've taught me enough
Now I'm too good at love to be fooled

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