Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Save the Sighs

If I had not
Been so foolish
Trusted so much, in so little time
Written my journal in the public eye
Maybe this heart would still have love
As it is, this organ does serve its purpose
Pumps and throbs
But to no avail
To no product, save blood
And my consistent, aching frustration
An idea to let it die
A few remnants of the sharp tongue
That surrounded he and I
And those stumblers who think they are the ones who can save me
Well, they are surely not
See a broken heart
See an empty room
And fill it with their beds and their shelves and their...
Woes... oh, woe is me
To have given a piece
Yet again, not preserving For those more deserving
For those who spurn learning for love
I say I've finally found
That this world is too cold
And still attempt my small spark
To the same bitter realization
That it won't survive
That I won't survive
Not in cold, dark minds
Not in flighty hearts
Not in comforting
Not in anything...
Save the sighs

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