Tuesday, May 26, 2009

If It Eases Your Mind

There has to be a word for this
Well, we'll think of one
Chances that have fallen along both of our paths
And apparently made them one for the walking
From a face
To a word
To a voice
To eventual touch
Time, and only time, decides these factors
Fates that have spanned across distances and differences
Have no doubt confused what used to be sharp minds
What still may be sharp minds
Muddled by an unnameable
Or cleared perfect railings for train of thought
Not what either of us had in mind
But isn't that the world for us
Isn't that the subtle pushing of the wind
The water's ripples that start an uncharted path
Nudged by rain we know nothing about from from whence it came
Such adventure is harbored to the mind as mystery
Such mystery, a frightening detour from the mundane traffic we were so willingly used to
Let's, for now, hope
And above all, be afraid
For the cool, clear, but massive wall that stands between us
And the same time... doesn't
There is no knowing, only guessing
Still there is one constant
One concrete evidence to all this
You have stolen the smile that you love from me
And as you return it to me daily
With each word written or spoken
It's only imprisonment
Is that you have not seen it in full

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