Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Am Convinced, My Love

I am convinced, my love
That soon we will each find our own place
And together we'll grow
Or in earnest, each watch as the other reaches higher at an equal pace
And our strength
Separately, is greater than we know
And together, we need never battle
Simply our presence will ward away all evils
Negativity should never touch us
Remember that as you walk every painful of seemingly unnecessary path
The travel is long
The journey is all the blessing... and the prize
Even if, now, it seems well hidden and disguised from us
I am convinced, my love
We will rise above what we now know
Over careers and daily activities our potential shows
And as learning never stops
An insatiable appetite for life continues its course in us
Through us
From one to the other
Even falling to error, we simply will pick up and strive with a better understanding
This I believe for us, each of us
For you and I, so far we we are each still standing...
Judicious fates have walked us along a path to discover one another
Though the route of their plans will not make itself known
This is the bravest step
The most fearless march
That we have taken on in the name of what good lies in this world
And in the name of what bonds the alone to the alone and makes them something so remarkably more
I am convinced, my love
That we each have the power to resist giving up
Though the option is always right before us
The simplest of answers is not what makes this question so profound
The courage over what lies here
Is so markedly clear, now
All I pray is that we inspire the unsteady to go ahead and jump
Fly or fall
Damn the strange and defy it all
And crash safely into the definition of what this life is for
This I believe, my love
When it comes to our love
And the purpose of it all

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