Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Start the Reconstuction

An odd complex
An unsure interest
A strange curiosity
A willing waiver
An honest mistake
A future you may or may not hold
A friend, packed away
A bolting, shy creature
A frailty that I already know
An equation I understand
A miscommunication
A sudden awareness
An eccentric compassion
A hidden euphoria
An obvious chaos
An awkward oblivion
A detour from the right path
A shade tree along the wrong one
A reflection on my pool
A new branch on my tree of life
A thing to be afraid of
And one to make afraid
A hidden meaning
A found inquiry
A crumbling foothold
A firm quicksand
A nonexistent foundation... so far
Call it what you may, Friend
You have undone me
Your job lies ahead
May the reconstruction begin...

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