Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Please, Do. Plant Me.

What weight on my shoulders?
Oh, that man...
Oh, that woman...
Oh, the nagging sense of fear over mere communication
Am I the crime, or criminal?
That I have become chained to the idea of...
There are no others nearby, now
I bloody apologize!
There is no clear patch of land to plant my feet
I am hanging above it
Clockwise, forward, backward...
And counterclockwise
I feel the soft tap of the bark on my skin
From where the rope has rubbed it raw
But I cannot touch the tree
I cannot touch anything
I bloody apologized!
The only thing nearby
Is the very thing keeping all others at bay
This field of forced loneliness
Seems to pointless
When the one who built it abandonded it long ago
Break down the barriers!
(I beg you)
Cut down this rope!
(I plead)
Breathe song into my lungs once more
Oh, you gentle hand
From which, for all horrid reason (all out of my control)
I have been pushed away
My hands are now limp
And I cannot feel my lips
Except to say
I'm calling your name, sir!
I'm screaming it out!
Don't give up!
No, don't give up!
I love you, I do
But it is so hard to express it
From this hung home
You told me you thought I was an faerie above you
Now you know
I was only a struggling body...

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