Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pink Balloon

The night you chose not to show
Your face was the night
Always the night of my life
I am learning quickly not to expect
And never to want anything from your side of love
And I saw our world
Wrapped up thin rubber
I saw it explode
By the cause of my damn cigarette
I guess we both know what happens when you get to close to the fire
I want you to know
I danced out in the rain
Close to another man
And another man
And we were virgins to the act
It was beautiful
I could live my whole life on the sidewalk in that sort of weather
I miss an unwavering hand to stroke my back
To tell me the twists on the road from hips to neck are beautiful
I received a pink balloon
The loveliest thing that ever lasted less than an hour
And I carry the scraps with me now
A reminder to all of my mind to stay clear from loving
Real love abandoning all else
Well, we all saw the pink balloon die out
And we all know the strange footprints that life leaves
The only thing, really, to expect and cherish
Is the fact that nothing will last
And I remain far from you in my heart that draws to you
Thank you for reprimanding what could have been a careless organ
I will dance in the rain with every storm that passes
But you don't enjoy that sort of thing
No, you don't find comfort in setting the fear aside for something so good
I saw our love wrapped up in a pink balloon
And I see it gone

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