Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ridiculous Acts of Kindness

I would be one to wait
For a ridiculous act of kindness
And you would be the patient one with me
What do you want?
And why is it such an inconvenience to you
That I question what I cannot get accustomed to?
Your ways keep me in a constantly inconsistent state of mind
My ways tend to lead me into the wrong hands
But suppose yours are not
Suppose I stop walking away, now
Suppose I find something at the end of all this
Suppose we never take time to find anything at all...
I can't keep turning off my ears to what you're saying
But I can't start believing you, all the same
I can't bring myself to leave your side each night
But it isn't my place, either, to stay
Just let me pace the hallway that I've been calling a home
And let me keep opening doors that lead to nothing
Oh, give me a chance to get used to sleeping alone
Let me hear the telephone ring
Believe me, Unconfirmed Love
One day when all of this is over...
Well, I can't promise myself that you'll still be standing here
I can't promise that I'll be standing at all

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