Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Left the Bottle

Make your own
Path your way
Wash the dust of occasionally
Move the mountain
That you cannot budge
And see the other side
Placed at the peak
And holding the sky
You long for good gloves
As the sunlight burns your skin
But keep a hold on
Wait for rain
A clouded company and a happy shade
We enjoy the moment
And have no commitments
We have no duties to perform
And no will to break
We walk the trail
The tracks and the train will not budge the body
Inches upon inches upon inches
Turn into miles
And my distance from you
Has only made it better
Has only made it easy
To give no damns at all
My panic knows no names
So never assume that it's you... that it's you... that it's you...
Hearts race
And are tired from moving
I moved from the best man to the doorman
Getting so good at saying goodbye
Was never better
And the drinks taste sweeter
Since your mouth
Left the bottle

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